Intro to Mass Incarceration

So, I realize that the average reader of a blog entitled “” probably doesn’t need a mass incarceration primer. That said, personally I like going back to basics from time to time so that I don’t get my blinders on and miss the big picture when I’m diving into any one of the multitude of problems related to large-scale imprisonment. I also like to have some good intro-level material to share with those who are just beginning to think about imprisonment not as a natural and necessary component of a civilized society, but as a human rights crisis in the U.S.

So – whether you’ve never thought seriously about prisons before, or you’ve spent years in prison, or you’re a prison studies professor – check out this short, pointed video by Hank Green of the Vlog Brothers in collaboration with the Prison Policy Institute. For that matter, check out the Prison Policy Institute, too (looks like a great resource for prison gerrymandering information, among other things). And if you have go-to intro materials that got you fired up about prisons, or that you discovered later and have used to spread the word, please share!

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